DHD coaches have created an exciting
summer soccer program that teaches techniques, tactics and decision-making

From its humble beginning in 2001, DHD Soccer has continued to grow and expand its reach into the Aquidneck Island soccer community. What started as once-a-week summer session for high school players has grown into a soccer program for youth players from kindergarten through high school. While teaching players the mechanics of advancing the ball, we do our best to inspire them to become creative, attack-minded players.

We attribute our continued growth to the many players who return year after year. Whether it’s the relationships that are forged, the coaching, the fun that everybody has, or a combination of all three, one thing is for certain; fun is a key element.

Last year we experimented with several program changes. We lightened up our coaching methods to allow the players more freedom to express themselves and introduce creativity on their own. Then we turned everything into a competition. Finally, we added an extra half hour to our Tuesday through Thursday programs, which expanded the scrimmage time at the end of each session. This must have struck a chord because as word spread of the fun that the players were having, our numbers continued to grow throughout the summer.

We encourage the players to think for themselves. We don’t make it an issue that they have to do it “according to the book.” If a player can add a subtle nuance that makes it easy to achieve the desired skill, that is a success. It is not our goal to have the players performing like robots, but for them to be comfortable and at ease on the field.

Our goal is not only to help your child become a competent soccer player, but to experience success and continue enjoying “the beautiful game.”

ThursdayOur staff has coached for a number of years, and we know through experience what works and what doesn’t work. Our methods have been gleaned from World Cup winning coaches, top flight professional coaches, college and youth coaches, as well as coaches in other sports who are consistently effective in motivating their players.

Our goal is not only to help your child become a competent soccer player, but to introduce him or her to many facets of the game that will lead to a lifetime of enjoying “the beautiful game.”