DHD has created an exciting,
fun-filled, summer soccer program

DHD offers an alternative to weeklong soccer camps. We offer a structured program that goes for eight weeks, so that each player will have a better opportunity to retain what they have learned. Our programs for the younger ages are firmly based on teaching ball skills and the fundamentals of the game. Each weekly session builds upon what was learned in the previous week.
For the older age groups our focus is on team play and the various tactics employed when attacking or defending. The players are rotated on a regular basis to purposely take them out of their comfort zone and present them with new challenges iso they will be better prepared for whatever may come their way in a game.
At DHD Soccer, we are dedicated to long-term player development. Our goal is to inspire every player to develop a solid foundation of technical skills and build confidence to take on any and all defenders. As their technical skills improve and they gain confidence, we give them the freedom to be creative every time the opportunity presents itself. Once they’ve become accomplished “take on artists,” we then instill the tactical savvy to know where, when and how to pass the ball, and how to support their teammates in advancing the ball and/or defending their goal.
Like all coaches, we have a keen eye for recognizing talent. If players exhibit skills and a passion for the game above that of their peers, they are encouraged to train with older players. It is not uncommon to find a 9-year old training and playing with 14-year olds, or a 12-year old with high school age players.  So far, we’ve found that the older players exhibit maturity so as not to take advantage of their younger and usually smaller compatriots. That is not to say that the younger player doesn’t take an inadvertent, unintentional knock or two, but in every instance, they have picked themselves up, continued to play, and come back the next week to do it all over again. As a result, the older players develop leadership skills, and the younger players accelerate their development and confidence.
Our coaches enjoy working with players of all ages. We always look forward to working with them and finding out each player’s particular talent, engaging them to expand the possibilities of that talent. It doesn’t come immediately, and it may not happen during the summer. Later in the fall or the following year, we are often contacted by several of them, telling us that they tried what we worked on and it was a success. Knowing that they took what they learned at DHD, and hearing the elation in their voices, is one of the greatest rewards a coach can get.