DHD has created an exciting,
fun-filled, summer soccer program
that teaches techniques, tactics
and decision-making

This will be our 15th summer. Wow!!! We have often said it’s the players who come back to DHD year after year that gives us the affirmation that we must be doing something right. Most of the players have come from the Aquidneck Island soccer community. Some are only here for the summer, but they continue to make DHD part of the time they are here. Friendships have been formed that continued through the years, not only among the players, but with the parents and coaches as well. And it all centers on playing soccer and having fun.

Every summer no matter what day it is, several players arrive tired and listless from either spending the day at the beach, or sailing all afternoon, or being at a daytime soccer camp. They lethargically go through the motions as we work on skill improvement exercises, but then they magically become energized when we scrimmage at the end of the session. All of a sudden they become whirling dervishes, full of energy, and hate to leave when the session ends. No one really cares who wins or loses, the games are played just for the fun it, and everybody goes home happy.

We encourage the players to think for themselves. We don’t make it an issue that they have to do it “according to the book.” If a player can add a subtle nuance that makes it easy to achieve the desired skill, that is a success. It is not our goal to have the players performing like robots, but for them to be comfortable and at ease on the field.

Although the players are allowed let loose all of their inhibitions and play with little interference from the coaches, we try to do our best to instill good habits so that they will gain the confidence to believe in themselves and to be good sports. Our goal is not only to help your child become a competent soccer player, but to experience success and continue enjoying “the beautiful game.”